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a portrait of empathy in action Language and Development Consultant Mac

language and development consultant

Mac has worked in the Bay Area nonprofit sector for six years, collaborating with organizations to develop and expand internal capacity and fundraising efforts. Mac excels at helping organizations gain clarity and confidence around their development goals. He helps to create strategic plans, conducts development assessments, and advises on donor and grant management systems. Mac is an expert at researching and connecting with institutional funders, and he works closely with executive directors and development staff to conceptualize and align programming with funding priorities, draft proposals, and cultivate organizational partnerships to create robust and sustainable community impact. Mac has successfully secured funding from foundations, individuals, and government entities on the state, county, and city levels. He has played a critical role in helping emerging community-based organizations develop the capacity and funding needed to become self-sustaining and impactful assets in their respective cause areas. Mac holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Latin American & Latino Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Certificate from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).


Mac currently resides in Oakland, California. His primary love in life is music, which he honors by never leaving the house without headphones, and by drumming and singing whenever and wherever possible. Mac is a drummer in the Afro-Brazilian tradition of candomblé, and returns to Rio de Janeiro every year to visit family and fulfill his obligations as a member of the ilê, or the house where the ceremonies take place. Mac also loves watching and playing soccer, swimming in natural bodies of water, and eating all the burritos.

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