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Green Hills

Elaine Astorga

a portrait of empathy in action Sound healer and Project Consultant

sound healer and project consultant

Elaine is currently working in Consumer Protections in Los Angeles. She received her legal degree from Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island. She received her Bachelor’s in Social Ecology: Criminology from the school of UC Irvine. Her focus was in the prison industrial complex in America. Throughout her educational career she knew she wanted to be a voice for the voiceless by understanding the lives from those that are marginalized. She understood the need to create a more empathetic world view, but didn’t know how to articulate this without first hand knowledge. 


During her undergrad years, she volunteered with a program called Get On the Bus which would coordinate to pick up children of incarcerated people every Mother’s and Father’s day for a full day of visit with their family member.  While in law school, she volunteered her time providing legal aid to those incarcerated (with pending civil suits), in family court (in the family preservation project), and facing unlawful detainer lawsuits. 


After these experiences, she learned that what we needed was more people to care about people. We should care more about each other.   


Empathy in Action means to me a better world, a more compassionate world, where we prioritize understanding for the self, others, and mother earth. My hope is that with our services we can get closer to this truth.



Elaine also enjoys hiking with her husband Ryan, and dog, Brody. She is a vegetarian and loves meditation. She also is learning sound healing and they’ve started their own sound healing therapy group called 5D Sound Healing. They hope to get sound healing therapy more mainstream and have more people access different methods for healing oneself. 

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