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Winding Road

Ruby Stone

a portrait of empathy in action Meida and Marketing Lead Ruby

Media and marketing

Ruby Stone is a Social Media Marketer from Cloverdale, California. Ruby is passionate about all things social media, and she has spent the past few years honing her skills and building her career. Ruby started her journey while coaching her former high school cheer team, where she quickly realized that she had a knack for social media marketing. She loved the challenge of growing a following and engaging with an audience, and she knew that this was something she wanted to pursue further. After earning her Associates of Arts in Graphic Design from Santa Rosa Junior College, Ruby decided to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration at Sonoma State University. This has allowed her to deepen her knowledge of marketing and business strategy, and she is excited to see where this degree takes her. Along the way, Ruby has had the opportunity to work with a number of local businesses in her hometown, helping them to build their social media presence and create logos for events. Ruby is currently the Social Media Coordinator for the Cloverdale Citrus Fair, where she is responsible for managing the fair's social media accounts and creating engaging content for their followers. In addition to her work at the fair, Ruby also has two internships – one here at Empathy in Action and the other for the Sonoma State Cheer and Stunt team. These internships have allowed Ruby to gain valuable experience in the field, and she is excited to continue learning and growing as a social media marketer. Overall, Ruby is incredibly passionate about social media marketing, and excited to see where this career takes her in the future!

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