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Services Offered

  • One 4-hour workshop.

    4 hr

    560 US dollars
  • For groups that would like a more in-depth workshop format.

    8 hr

    1,120 US dollars
  • Twelve hours done over the course of a month.

    3 hr

    1,680 US dollars
  • Twenty-four hours of instruction done over the course of one month.

    2 hr

    3,360 US dollars
  • Thirty-five hours over the course of three months.

    3 hr

    4,900 US dollars
  • Seventy hours of instruction over a course of three months.

    5 hr 45 min

    9,800 US dollars
  • We offer custom-designed retreats for organizations.

    Prices Vary
  • Intended for organizations seeking long-term, intensive support.

    2 hr

    21,000 US dollars
  • Let us train you!

    1 hr

    Price Varies
  • Talk to us about developing a unique training for your organization.

    45 min

    100 US dollars

After you've selected your focus area, choose from our various "learning tracks."

If you'd like more a custom/specific combination of topics, fill out the "Custom Bundle" form below. Prices vary. 

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