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OUR Focus Areas

First, think about what topics you'd like us to work with you on.

Social-Emotional Learning 

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Young people need individualized support in their development of effective communication with others, as well as their ability to cope with stress, build relationships, and use compassion and empathy with themselves and others. 

Trauma-Informed Practices

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Regardless of the type of trauma, science paints a clear picture of what happens to human brains and bodies when they try to cope with adverse, traumatic experiences.


Our conflict resolution courses offer practical strategies for individuals, groups and systems to utilize when conflicts arise.


Uplifted Youth

Educators, doctors, parents, mentors, coaches- each play a unique, important role in helping our youth develop their confidence, character, connectedness and compassion.



We know that inequities do not happen by chance, but are intentional decisions made on an individual, group and systemic level. Equity and the journey to liberation is painted with principles of empathy and compassionate decision making.

Private Consultation

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Want hand-tailored workshops and trainings? Reach out and we'll do our  best to build on your ideas or present our own in accordance to your needs. 

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