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Trauma comes in many forms and impacts us personally, our families, coworkers and communities. Regardless of the type of trauma, science paints a clear picture of what happens to human brains and bodies when they try to cope with adverse, traumatic experiences. Our goal in this area of work is to educate groups about the impact of trauma and support the learning of trauma-informed practices. Our practices are rooted in the building up these three principles:


1) A sense of safety

2) A sense of belonging

3) A sense of competency


By infusing these ideas into your daily life or workplace practices, you begin to see engagement and inclusion increase. This program can be curated for any audience- youth, professionals working with young people, even corporate leadership who are now dealing with communities of traumatized employees. 

Zen Stones

I am better off healed

than I ever was


-Beth Moore


The Challenge

It’s an understatement to say 2020’s been traumatic. Grief, sudden adjustments, racial reckoning on a national scale and now the election. Collective trauma occurs when groups of people have similar adverse experiences, collectively impacting our brains, bodies and emotions. Yet, our society continues to ask us to show up, to grid, and adjust as if nothing changed.

The Solution

Our passion about trauma-informed approaches is for this reason- to flip the script and affirm a different narrative. A narrative that appreciates the obstacles individuals overcome and focuses on the strengths in the story. This includes creating safety, a sense of belonging and competency for all. Doing these three things, in our circles or workplaces, begins to shift the story to empathy. To kindness. We all know we need more of that right now.



  • Take a sensory break (i.e. something that uses your senses, not thinking).

  • Do bilateral activities (jumping jacks, stretching arms).

  • Taste or smell something that is comforting & soothing.

  • Put on a cozy sweater that makes you feel safe.

  • Send out a group text to trusted friends to check in.

  • Make a plan for election results (i.e. choose one news outlet to follow, set alarm for when to check).

  • Watch your basic needs (water, sleep, food). 

  • Put on your favorite song and dance

  • Celebrate the good things with your friends

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