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Social Equity

We are living in a time period with massive potential for progress. We know that inequities do not happen by chance, but are intentional decisions made on an individual, group and systemic level. Equity and the journey to liberation is painted with principles of empathy and compassionate decision making. We recognize the inherent power each individual has to influence equity in their circles and also recognize inequities impact this opportunity. Our process of supporting equity includes three principles: 


1) Normalize

2) Organize

3) Operationalize 


Our equity practice is rooted in action ― it takes work to create systems that allow all people to comfortably join the table and we are dedicated to investing the necessary energy to do so. We value intersectional identities and believe by decolonizing our practices, all people can come to the table, authentically and with the feeling of belonging

an image differentiating reality, equality, equity, and liberation

The Challenge

Groups and individuals have diverse, unique lived experiences and varying levels of access to resources needed to actualize their dreams. These differences are not always appreciated or supported in our modern workplace or school, leaving some with extra work in order to achieve their goals. These inequities can impact individuals' health, social, and professional opportunities in addition to quality of life.  


The Solution

We offer customized lessons regarding equity and strive to equip various constituents with the tools to feel confident in their practices. These lessons include applying the critical race theory to your setting, reflection exercises, decolonized organizational practices, team building, and support-creating equitable practice plans.

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