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conflict resolution

Conflicts are a natural part of life and they happen all the time. Many feel uncomfortable addressing this uncomfortable part of life. At the core of our conflict resolution program is our appreciation for conflict theory— a classical sociological concept that includes three parts: a thesis (how things were), antithesis (the counterargument) and a synthesis (the new solution). Essentially, in order to get to a new, better solution, conflict must occur. This perspective about the change process allows one to remain curious about conflicts that arise and hopeful for new, more evolved solutions. Our conflict resolution principles include:


1) Relationship-centered

2) Strength-based

3) Collaboration not competition 

Crowd Protesting with a Dorothy Thomas quote stating Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.

Peace is not the absence of conflict,

but the ability to cope with it. 

- Dorothy Thomas

The Challenge

Conflict reaches all areas of our life and on a regular basis. We know from an ecological perspective, factors that impact our ability to resolve conflict range from our environment to our systems. We also know that chronic stress and trauma impacts our capacity to handle conflict in a healthy, restorative way.


The Solution

Our conflict resolution courses offer practical strategies for individuals, groups and systems to utilize when conflicts arise. These tools include active listening skills, communication strategies, ways to develop deeper understanding, tools to express concerns and responsibility, and how to develop mutually beneficial agreements for conflicted parties. 

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