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Sascha Owens,


a portrait of empathy in action Director of Empathetic Opportunites Sascha

Director of Empathetic Opportunities

Sascha Owens is a highly skilled professional with expertise in youth development, strategic planning, restorative justice, trauma-informed practices, retreat/workshop/training planning, program management, curriculum building, working with the differently-abled community, and supporting adults to better engage young people. With a lifelong commitment to empowering individuals on both individual and societal levels, Sascha has dedicated her career to fostering the growth and well-being of young individuals. Her extensive knowledge and experience in youth development enable her to create impactful programs that promote holistic well-being and prepare youth for successful futures. Sascha's strategic planning skills are instrumental in driving the success of her initiatives. Her ability to analyze complex situations, set clear goals, and develop comprehensive plans aligns with organizational objectives. Her strategic mindset allows her to navigate challenges and seize opportunities to create meaningful and sustainable change, like when working on the R3F project with the City of Richmond which focused on the community stabilization of the most vulnerable populations.


As an advocate for restorative justice, Sascha creates inclusive and healing spaces where conflicts can be resolved through dialogue, empathy, and understanding. She applies restorative practices to foster positive relationships, address harm, and promote community building, like when working with Golden Gate Community School to provide Restorative Justice Circle for youth and school staff. Sascha incorporates trauma-informed practices into her work, creating safe and supportive environments for individuals impacted by trauma. She ensures inclusivity, empowerment, and resilience by utilizing trauma-sensitive approaches.


Sascha's expertise in retreat, workshop, and training planning allows her to design engaging and impactful events. She leverages her knowledge of effective adult learning principles to facilitate skill development, collaboration, and personal growth for participants. For example when working with NASW to provide Trauma-Informed Healing Centered Practices 101 for multiple organizations.


As a program manager, Sascha demonstrates exceptional leadership and organizational skills. She effectively manages resources and ensures programs align with their objectives, contributing to their success. Sascha designs comprehensive educational materials that promote critical thinking and meaningful learning experiences. She values inclusivity and accessibility, working with the differently-abled community to provide support and equal opportunities. Sascha excels in supporting adults to better engage young people, bridging generational gaps, and creating spaces where youth feel heard, valued, and supported in their personal and professional growth.


Sascha continues to inspire and educate through workshops, trainings, and speeches, remaining dedicated to her own professional development and creating a more inclusive and empathetic world.

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