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Iris Wen

a portrait of empathy in action New Market Lead Iris

New market lead

Iris Wen is a goal-oriented project manager located in Colorado. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration at Loyola University Chicago with a concentration in marketing. Her focus was on marketing strategies, innovation and research but as she entered the workforce, her interests shifted into project management. She began her career as an Agile Scrum Product Owner, leading award winning iOS and Android product improvements in the financial sector. As her skills grew, she made the shift into the international development sector. This was driven by her passion to help others and create sustainable impact on vulnerable communities. At Save the Children, Iris led Lean Six Sigma improvement projects, launched the organization’s innovation initiative and coordinated the growth of the Global Emergency Response Coalition- a humanitarian alliance made up of eight leading U.S.-based international aid organizations. In 2018, with a focus on employee equity, Iris’s projects shifted from creating a global strategy to promoting the delivery of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion culture. This included identifying vulnerable populations, the impact of gender within the organization, training on inclusive culture norms and launching employee affinity groups. While at Save the Children, Iris also created and delivered the Continuous Improvement training programs to embed a culture of change across the organization. She trained over 75% of U.S. staff through this program that additionally drew annual efficiency savings and shaped the global training strategy. Iris is currently acting as a management consultant and business process specialist at DAI, where she continues to establish new approaches for operational effectiveness, change management and capacity building.


Areas of Expertise include:

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Training

  • Team building

  • Cross-functional team

  • Sustainability

  • Operational efficiency

  • Data management

  • Stakeholder management

  • Change management

  • Performance management

  • International development

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