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Compassion is a verb. 
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Organizational Development & Funding

Restorative Human Resources Practices

Social & Racial Equity Services

Grant Management & Funding Strategies

Capital Campaign Services

Capacity Building

Curriculum & Program Development

Trainings and Workshops

Focus Area Workshop Series
Conflict Resolution
Community Peacekeeping & De-Escalation
Community Outreach
Workforce Implicit Bias Training
Money Mindset- Financial Literacy Workshop

Conflict Resolution Services

Organizational Conflict Systems Development
Restorative Mediation Services
Restorative Coaching
Restorative Circle Facilitation
Restorative Justice Facilitator Training

Our Mission

Empathy in Action supports organizations, groups, and individuals to achieve their goals by giving people the tools to relate to one another through a lens of empathy. Our understanding of, and the value we place on, dynamic and intersectional human experiences allows us to guide change and progress across a wide range of issues and initiatives. Our vehicle for impacting change, as well as the services we provide, are based on our five main focus areas.


Our Vision

Empathy in Action believes that when we are intentional about infusing empathetic practices into all spaces, it allows for individuals to come to the table as their fuller and more authentic selves, and to experience more joy and liberation. The practice of empathy allows us to foster more creative, collaborative, and effective environments and solutions for our modern world.

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