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Fall Equinox Recap

Updated: Jan 11

On Saturday, September 18 we held our first hybrid in-person/virtual seasonal event to celebrate the Fall Equinox!

We started off our event by supporting local businesses in the area.

We followed up with live music with Akwasi Abrefah. Moving our bodies, getting our blood flowing and releasing tension from our limbs.

Next we had the attendees participate in a community building exercise where they connected with one another over commonalities…

Before we ate our delicious lunch provided by the New Life Cafe we engaged in some stretching and dancing led by Olivia Eng.

“I really enjoyed how thoughtfully the space was held for both in person and online folks! I am so appreciative to have made some new community connections and engage with them through the various activities from the art therapy mandala to having lunch together to conversations that we had about our common interests and missions!” - Olivia

Taking moments to be thoughtful about what we have overcome and the stillness ahead of us with winter approaching we were intentional in our gratitude, balance, and embracing change.

Director of Empathetic Opportunities of Empathy in Action Consulting, Sasha Owens, had this to say about the event,

The Fall Equinox Workshop was amazing. It was so beautiful to build community, and share space in ways we haven’t been able to in a while. This event was different for a few reasons but the main thing that stood out for me was that it was our first hybrid event, meaning we had virtual participants and in-person participants.

Finding ways to connect our non-local participants with our local participants was such a delight. I love the way we were able to integrate the experience for both groups and have them interact with one another. Considering all of our recent events have been virtual I particularly enjoyed the sections for movement, from the beginning section with the steel pans to the facilitator lead movement portion, it was nice to grove with the community. I also really enjoyed all of the local vendors and having a space to support community entrepreneurs.

We finished our event with sound bowl healing led by Elaine and Ryan of 5dsoundhealing.

"Our Fall Equinox Workshop felt like a dream come true- it was our first opportunity to gather together in person with the community we've intentionally built over the last year. The energy between the vendors, live music, silly games, sound healing and dancing was unmatched. I was deeply moved to see folks connect with one another in an inclusive and accessible space. Big shout out to the EIA team and all the collaborators for supporting the vision and making it happen." -Corinna, Chief Empathy Officer

If you missed this event, don’t worry! We’ve already started planning our next one, save the date for Saturday, January 8. Follow up here, here, or here or simply subscribe to our newsletter and get early bird access to tickets.

Sending out light and love to everyone who attended virtually and in person and looking forward to doing it all again!

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