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Mac Layne

As a grant writer/development manager in the nonprofit sector, Mac has had the opportunity to work with organizations in the Bay Area with annual budgets ranging from less then $30,000 to over $2.5 million. This breadth of experience has given him insight into the unique development needs of both small and mid-to-large size organizations, and he is passionate about using the skills he has honed to provide the best consulting experience possible for non-profits looking to build their funding strategy and streamline their development processes. By easing the burden of researching potential funders, writing grant applications and reports, tracking deadlines and program data, etc., Mac hopes to help growing nonprofits find the time and space to focus as much energy as possible on the programs, activities, and people that advance their mission.

Mac was born in Reno, Nevada and was raised on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, where he lived until heading to college at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Upon graduating in 2011, Mac made his home in Oakland, California where he currently resides. His primary love in life is music, which he honors by never leaving the house without headphones, and by drumming and singing whenever and wherever possible. Mac is a drummer in the Afro-Brazilian tradition of candomblé, and returns to Rio de Janeiro every year to visit family and fulfill his obligations as a member of the ilê, or the house where the ceremonies take place. Mac also loves watching and playing soccer, swimming in natural bodies of water, and eating all the burritos.

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